Thursday, November 5, 2009

Squirrel Trap

We should have been so lucky! Out we went, armed with a Havaheart trap, a big, black net, and gobs of chunky peanut butter. Do you believe we could not trap that cagey creature? Meanwhile he and his buds had an early Thanksgiving feast! He actually went in and out of the cage about 8 times, but always managed to escape without setting off the trap! He would just delicately lick the peanut butter off the plate without moving it enough to shut the door. They're very smart... smarter than us, it turns out :(

It was amusing to observe him sitting up in his tree and watching the cage for hours. He was guarding it as his territory, chasing the others away. He somehow knew that cage belonged to him and him alone! Every once in a while he'd descend and go inside the cage to get a bite to eat. First he'd walk around the area, pretending to have no interest in the cage, before casually slipping inside. And he seemed to have eyes in the back of his head, because each time we'd tiptoe up from behind to to give the door a little push, he'd hightail it out!

We managed to put on quite a show for people and kids who were passing by. People would come over and offer squirrel tips and stories. Security checked to make sure we weren't doing anything evil, and once they realized we were the good guys, allowed us to continue.

The squirrel wasn't caught, but he had an absolutely wonderful afternoon, loving every minute of being the center of attention, to say nothing of the gourmet food. Did I mention there was also avocado? He's very strong, as demonstrated by the vigorous manner in which he chased the other squirrels -- I mean he practically ran them out of the park! So we will wait a day and go again tomorrow, armed with some new ideas and gizmos for catching Brother Squirrel.

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