Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Babyboy sighting

Babyboy was sighted yesterday, moving from tree to tree in the same area where he'd been released. At one point he saw and recognized his green carrier case and went over and sat on top of it, for about a half hour-- his security, his nest box!

Meanwhile his Dad was waiting patiently on the sidelines, so as not to disturb him, hoping he would climb inside. He doesn't seem to have the same recognition factor that Babygirl has, who will run up to her Dad and climb on his arm, making it easy to get her back in the carrier.

Then a dog came along and scared him up a tree! He would not come down again, so he ended up spending last night outside. And what a night it was! First there was a hail storm, followed by rain, thunder and lightening. Hopefully he and Babygirl were both ok.

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