Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Update on Babyboy

Good news! Babyboy came over to the carrier which Bernie had posted to a tree, and he sat on top of it and ate some nuts. Guess he had a big appetite after last night's storm! He has now been initiated into squirrelhood.

Bernie came up close with the syringe in hand, that was loaded with tapioca pudding and hazelnut milk (he still loves formula from a bottle even though he can eat). He immediately started guzzling, and next thing you know he was inside the carrier! And now he's home fast asleep in his nest box, recuperating from his Big Adventure at PCV :) Three cheers for Bernie who has given an inordinate amount of his time to tracking down this little guy.

Note: he is quite a roamer, and was all over the area, going from tree to tree and keeping Bernie busy in attempts to stay on his tail. At one point he managed to get from one tree to another without coming down while Bernie was staked at the base of the tree. He's a great jumper! And he's still so little.

One disturbing note: Babygirl has still not been seen.

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