Sunday, October 3, 2010

Babygirl's next venture: day 2

Bernie went over early on Sunday, as mornings seem to be the best times to find her. Sure enough there she was, back in the tree she has adopted for herself. She refused to come down however. She seemed a little more relaxed than previously,  alternating between curling up into a ball and stretching and grooming herself while looking down at Bernie.

There's a complication: she has chosen to be in a wind tunnel! We didn't notice when it was warmer, but this particular area of the park is very windy, and even though it was not windy elsewhere today, the wind here was so strong that I could hear it over the phone when Bernie called.  She had initially wandered there herself, which is why he brought her back  a couple times. But it will be a bad spot come winter.   He stayed for over 3 hours but could not get Babygirl to come down!

I went by at 4pm and it was still windy. And she was still up there in the same spot. I spent time feeding other squirrels, while checking on her periodically. Every once in a while she'd be grooming herself as if she was relaxing, then curl up into a ball as if to take a nap. I called out to her and threw some nuts at her tree. She seemed to be watching me.

A woman came by and gave me a dirty look. People have been watching us, and once two women came by as Bernie was getting into a cab with Babygirl, and they started yelling at me that they were going to report us for stealing squirrels. When I explained that it was his pet, one of the women called me a liar. Bernie said I should just say that we're taking squirrels because we make good money selling them in Chinatown!

I did some shopping then came back for a final check before going home, and last I saw she was curled up in a ball with her eyes closed. I felt so  bad for her -- so exposed and defenseless! No nest box to sleep in. The other squirrels all seem to magically disappear "into the woodwork", but not Babygirl, who is just out there. Later that evening I heard predictions of rain starting tonight. Oh dear.

Babygirl in her tree

BTW many, many thanks to my generous benefactor who reads this blog regularly and has sent me a brand new Panasonic Lumix!

So we will be having pictures again!

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