Saturday, March 26, 2011


It was a treat to meet one of this blog's fans and a donor to the Feed the Squirrels Project,  who wanted to feed the squirrels up close and personal before he departed for his new job with Mozilla in Sunnyvale, California. Dan Gherman got to know a lot of the squirrels at PCV through the blog. We'll miss you Dan, but hopefully you're only a blog away.

The Meet & Greet Team: a sizable turnout for Dan

I brought goodies: peanuts and hazelnuts

Dan meets squirrel expert Bernie Goetz

Luring a squirrel

He's got them eating out of his hand!

Patches comes by to say hi

Patches can crack a hazelnut. Who knew? 

Hey, these nuts are tasty!

Goodby Dan, and best wishes with your new job and your new home. And please let us know all about those California Squirrels!

Dan is a nature lover and an animal lover and a lover of culture, and he has some really great pictures on his blog: Jurnal de State

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