Friday, March 11, 2011

Peanuts from Heaven

Now for a bit of good news...

As I was feeding four (yes!) black squirrels in the tree by the guard's gate yesterday, I heard a loud clattering noise that sounded like hail. Now what could that be?  I wondered. I heard it again and looked over to see golden peanuts raining down from a third floor window!

It was good to see the four black ones, who have been somewhat missing over the past few weeks (we'd see one or another, but never all of them together, so we weren't sure how many had survived the killer frostbite weather). But all the blackies are now present and accounted for.  And it's nice to know they have a handy source of food nearby...

When I went by the east flagpole today, nobody was more surprised than I when there before me stood none other than Spunky! I hadn't seen her all winter, ever since she disappeared into the fat fur coat that had entirely changed her appearance. But was I sure that it was Spunky? Absolutely!

Who could forget that face?

And of course she was her old friendly self, and as deft at catching nuts as ever. You throw a nut to Spunky, she never misses it. 

Spunky is one amazing squirrel, with a totally unique personality. She looks just like herself again and I was SO glad to see her.

And Bernie saw Mr. Operator the other day, another old friend we haven't seen all winter. More good news!

Now we just have to find Tubby...

I was staring at Foxy today (always a fun thing to do) and thinking that she seemed rather fat, when suddenly it hit me: Foxy is pregnant! I'm so excited. This will be her first litter. Can't wait for a bunch of little red Foxies :)

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