Sunday, March 6, 2011

March Winds Doth Blow

But at least it's not snow!

However, the winds are fierce and still very hard on the squirrels, who took such a beating last month.
Sorry to report that we have been finding quite a few dead squirrels and ones that have been rescued are in such bad shape that they die quickly. It's just been too much for many of them. Some would say that this is nature's way of controlling the population. But I cannot buy the idea that sentient creatures should suffer so. I believe that if people were truly aware of this, that they would do something to try to prevent it. It's been very hard on Bernie, as a rescuer. I think we may have lost Tubby, Mr. Operator and Spunky this year, as I bave not seen any of them in quite a long time.

Dead Squirrel by the side of the road

Below are some of the survivors.

The surviving twin of the orange that died doesn't want to show us her bad side.

But we manage to get a peek:

 We get in close:

It's actually healing over, as it used to be an angry, raw, red welt. Thank you, Dan! You helped us feed this baby and bring her back to health. She has a ways to go yet, but her spirit is spunky and she is full of energy.

These two little guys have "the pink disease" -- a loss of fur that we're seeing everywhere now:

This is most likely mange, and it heals up nicely with good nutrition.

Assume the Position!
This little beggar has the pink "ring around the collar" that's so prevalent:

And this one has a deep gash on the side.

These guys are all gonna make it. Other squirrels who have survived nicely are Foxy and Brownie.

Here's Foxy in February after that last killer snowfall, looking a bit worse for the wear but basically healthy:


  1. The surviving orange twin looks so cute in the first two pictures, sitting and eating on that tree bump.
    You're right, even if some say nature knows its ways to control life, it's just harsh to see animals suffering and dying.
    But I'm so glad that people like you and Bernie make squirrels life easier, gives you a fulfilling smile seeing them surviving the winter!

  2. Isn't he cute? Most of his orange fur is gone due to the sores, but he still has his orange tail. Actually it turns out he is more like a quadruplet or a quintuplet than a twin! Who knew? They don't all come out together usually, so what I thought was two turns out to be four or even five. They were all out under the orange tree yesterday and I lost count. :) They are all weather-beaten but we are feeding them as much as we can, and giving them all kinds of good things -- with your generous assistance, I might add!