Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What has Sedgwick Deely been up to?

Anyone who reads this blog knows that we here at the Squirrel are dog lovers NOT. These animals have turned a former squirrel's paradise into a prey-adise, where a squirrel feels like prey every moment of the day, being constantly besieged by creatures on leashes who have nothing more on their minds than making some poor squirrel's life miserable. We have literally watched a squirrel evade three different dogs in about as many minutes. What does that do to a squirrel's cortisol levels?

Many dog walkers delight in breaking the "stay off the grass" rules to bring their dogs as close as possible to a squirrel tree, where the dogs are often on those extendable leashes that give them the ability to launch a sudden rush attack. They will smile sheepishly and say: "Oh not to worry, Rover just likes to look, he's a million years old and he'd never hurt a fly". Yes, yes, we've heard all that before. Tell it to the squirrel who's having a heart attack (or at least a bad case of indigestion) after his evening meal has been thus rudely ruined!

That being said, what's not to love about a dog that takes center stage in the latest issue of Country Living (, a dog with a name like Sedgwick Deely, a dog with such photogenic tongue and teeth, a dog with his own FaceBook page:

A dog that (in the interest of full disclosure) happens to be my sister's dog ?

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