Monday, January 14, 2013

Squirrel Appreciation Day 2013

Monday, January 21 is a BIG day.

Hug a person! Hug a tree!
National Hug Day is on January 21

Hug a President!
Presidential Inauguration Day is on January 21

Hug a hero!
Martin Luther King Day is on January 21 in 2013

Hug a squirrel!
Squirrel Appreciation Day is on January 21

Our friends at the edge of the wood  have some interesting things to tell us about Squirrel Appreciation Day: 

Squidoo has lots of fun stuff  about squirrels, including a recipe for homemade squirrel cake and a very moving action flic that shows a squirrel defending a dead friend against crows. They also suggest ways to celebrate squirrels:

No less than the Huffington Post gives us 5 Ways To Show A Squirrel You Care ...

The Washington Post also list ways to "help the little fellas out"...

And if you don't want to break out the corn cobs and  sunflower seeds yourself, there's an easy way to make a squirrel's day:

Donate via PayPal to The New York Squirrel's  "Feed the Squirrels Project"
It only takes a minute and leaves us to do all the work.
Our motto is: You buy, We fly

a fun way to get my calcium

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