Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Iceland Saga: Damage

After an 8 day siege of cold weather where thehighs were sometimes in the 20's and lows were in the teens and as low as 20, Bernie and I go over to PCV to check on the squirrels. Today it is a balmy 52 degrees.

1-21 hi 33 lo 26 
1-22 hi 28 lo 13
1-23 hi 19 lo 10
1-24 hi 22 lo 12
1-25 hi 23 lo 12
1-26 hi 27 lo 15  snowfall
1-27 hi 33 lo 18
1-28 hi 35 lo 29
1-29 hi 52 lo 35

Bernie brings fresh corn.

We find Cinnamon who looks like he may be suffering from frostbite.

He has a good appetite. The poor little thing must be very hungry.

I became acquainted with this little guy some time before the cold spell in late  January and had become very fond of him. He's part of generations of orange squirrels, who live in the orange tree. After the long cold spell we found him like this, with all his joie de vivre gone.

He seems to be the oly one who has suffered severe damage.

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