Sunday, January 20, 2013

Winter Garden

It's  a lovely winter day. The high for today was 53 degrees. The squirrels have been spoiled so far this year.

Mating Season
The squirrels are having an extended mating season, which is normally from December to January, most likely due to the warm weather.

I see a woodpecker!

Alphie and his "evil twin" (the bully) are eating together... sort of.
Can you tell which is which?

I've befriended a cute little squirrel that I've named Cinnamon, who lives in the orange tree. He still has his "baby fur" -- soft and feathery.

Cinnamon loves to run over to play with me and doesn't seem scared of me at all. I've grown very fond of him.

Winter Moon
A beautiful moon marks the end of the perfect day

Spoiled by the warm winter, we're all ignorant of what is soon to come.

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