Friday, April 19, 2013

What a Difference a Day Makes

Well, my talking squirrel did not talk at all today, so I have to conclude that she had been talking more out of pain than of pleasure. But today Gray Momma did not have the appearance of being stressed. She ate a lot again, but in a calmer manner, as if she had food security. Her fur and tail looked much better, and her tail was springy.

I'm commited to going there every day now, rain or shine, until she looks fully well.  She has a way to go, but I was encouraged by what I saw today. She's going to be okay!

click to enlarge

hint of a smile?

she still has a bad skin conditon

 PS - Gray Momma has a lot more energy now. She chased a young squirrel all the way to the top of  her tree, then forced the squirrel to jump to another tree. The two then had a stare-down for a while, after which, GM jumped over to the other tree! Then back down to me. I guess the squirrel learned a lesson.

Gray Momma is on tree on the right
Chased squirrel stares back at her from the tree on the left

Staring contest continues. until Gray Momma jumps over!
Chased squirrel knows now that Gray Momma means business

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