Monday, April 8, 2013

Squirrel Week

The Washington Post

Today marks the start of the first John Kelly’s Washington “Squirrel Week”: an entire week’s worth of columns devoted to "that most common of mammals".

"If the sight of a squirrel angers you or elicits no discernible emotion, turn away now, for now begins my annual celebration of the family Sciuridae, of the order Rodentia. Now begins Squirrel Week."

"The spring baby squirrel season is well underway for wildlife rehabilitators throughout our area."

Birdseed Wars

Zen of the Squirrel

Through the eyes of  a squirrel

I was particularly interested in this article about where the black squirrels of Washington DC come from, since we also have black squirrels at PCV here in NYC.  In fact the squirrels of PCV come in all shades of black -- from pitch black to burgundy to brindle to brown to red-brown, as well as gray and cinnamon.


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