Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spring Pinkies

These wonderful pictures of the pinkies were taken by photographer Gary Rabenko, who is also a squirrel lover. Rabenko's professionalism, speed, and talent garnered lots of photos in mere seconds, allowing these lucky babies to remain in the pink, nestled warmly under their wraps or in helping hands!  

When not being held, the baby squirrels are on their heating pad.  They are only 3 weeks old. They do not have any fur, and their eyes have not opened yet, but they are totally relaxed and do not get scared. They squirm and move around a lot and have started to wiggle their tails, which is a way squirrels have of communicating. Although they cannot see yet, they cab use their whiskers as sensors. At one point the pink one deliberately charged into the black one! The pink squirrel is a male and the black squirrel is a female. It will be interesting to see what color fur each will have.


naked in a pile
feeding time

sleep tight, little ones

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