Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April is the coolest month

After all the cold weather, to be able to walk around without a coat, to feed squirrels without gloves,  to see signs of spring, to see squirrels no longer suffering... now that is cool!

Man, Dog and Squirrel

What's up. Doc?

Sprigs are busting out all over!
They make good eatin'. Of course there is still dirt, dirt dirt all over the place, but that has been the case since new landscapers took over. Still looks like a waste land around PCV. Whether it will ever be green remains to be seen.

Mangy squirrrels start to look better

I don't need no ivermectin

I'll be better in no time


Kids crowd around our friend Ed wanting to participate.

give  a kid a job

Unfortunately it's also a time when passions run deep about squirrels. This woman tried to run two squirrels down and then tried to run her car into Ed! Most people were pretty quiet about squirrel feeding through the winter, but now that spring is here, they are once again on the attack.

The sharpening truck drives by

the dog is a nice touch

ET (Evil Twin) still guards the orange tree she hijacked.

No Squirrels Allowed Here!

Spring Squirrels come in a variety of colors:






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