Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Red Momma Now and Then


Red Momma (RM) is such a beautiful squirrel. 
September 2013

October 2013


I found this picture of RM in an old camera that I was using last January.

February 2013

Interesting to see how she looked then compared to how she looks now. Some of you may recall that she went through some rough times last February when she was thrown out of her nest by the bully ET, on one of the coldest days of the year. She was expecting babies at the time. Unlike ET, RM is not the least bit confrontational, and will walk away in the face of a head-on with another squirrel. So ET took over the tree that had belonged to RM. We watched as she tried to get back up to her drey and was continually chased away by ET.

She finally gave up. and the next morning Bernie caught her and brought her home, where he took care of her and brought her back to health. She actually had her babies there, but refused to nurse them in captivity. So Bernie ended up being the nursemaid! He tried to get RM to take an interest in the babies but she would not, and they were scared too, and hid from her.

Here are some pics of the two surviving babies. Sadly, one eventually died, but the last one was released to PCV last summer.

RM recovered during her "spa" stay -- she ate well, was brought  to the vet. When she was released back to PCV in late summer, she was a healthy, beautiful squirrel.

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