Thursday, April 5, 2012

baby squirrels

Break out the baby food! We're surrounded by baby squirrels these days. I'm not talking about the teeny weeny pinkies that are still (hopefully) cuddled safely in their nests, being fed by their mamas between naps. I'm talking about squirrels that are big enough to be out and about -- big enough to grab onto your leg and crawl up -- big enough to sneak inside your bag to see what's there -- big enough to grab a bag of peanuts and run with it -- big enough to have survived a winter that was not that hard on them -- and still small enough to be totally cute!

it's in the bag
mine...all mine!

Little Big Man (Squiggles)

look what I can do!

my first avocado

scampering off
tell-tale evidence (the smoking gun)

my first BIG nut

crack open the avocado!

the whole megillah

here I am... feed me

a peanut will do

ain't I sweet?
whaddya think I'm doing?

It's nest building 101
but I'd drop it for a peanut

hope the teacher isn't watching!

With Ann's generous donation in hand, I was inspired to take the long walk over to Trader Joe's to get some special baby food: delicious and healthy nuts to be mixed with avocado, grapes and cherries:
Squirrel Bling

mother-to-be more babies on the way!

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