Thursday, December 28, 2017


Right now it's 17 degrees, going down to a low of 12 later tonight. Today was the coldest so far -- 23 degrees. Some squirrels did not even come out, and those that did show up did not stick around for long.

I can only hope that it's warmer for them when they're all packed in together in their trees.

The squirrels are rebounding, but day after day of cold weather is going to finally take its toll. I did not see Fat Boy for the first three days of this cold spell  so was worried about him, and was very glad to see him yesterday. I think I understand his strategy (Yes folks, we know that squirrels do strategize): thinking the cold spell would pass, he waited a full 3 days before coming out, before realizing that he couldn't go without food any longer, and the cold weather had not passed. 

It's already been five days and it will be over a week before we'll see any relief. And by relief I mean out of the 20s and into the 30s -- low 30s.

Even the dogs are out only briefly with their dog-walkers. Some wear blankets, some wear little boots, and all will soon be in their warm comfy homes again. The squirrels are given no such relief. This is why I'm heartbroken.  Each day it gets harder and harder to go out there. 

The Twins

Fat Boy


Baby Mama

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