Monday, August 29, 2011

After Irene at PCV

I went to PCV today to view the damage caused by Irene. Except for one area, things looked pretty normal with only a few downed trees here and there and lots of leaves on the ground. But the area in the northeast corner of PCV that I call "The Wind Tunnel" because it's always cold and windy there in the wintertime, had been devastated. The wind from the East River blows in through the opening between the buildings there, causing a wind tunnel effect.
This was one of the most picturesque parts of PCV. It's sad to see it now.

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One tree over by Spunky's area that was a favorite of mine (and the squirrels) was also downed. It was a small, hollow tree with great branches and big holes that squirrels loved to run through and hide in. It's gone. This spot too has  a "wind tunnel" between buildings.


First of all I went looking for Patches. His nest was still up there in his tree, and he came right down to see me.

I'm fine Mom!
But hungry. Gimme some nuts!

Spunky was also fine and at the top of her game today, grabbing nuts as fast as I could throw them. She was faster than any other squirrel, and very dominating, chasing others away from the base of the tree where she was dining.

Pinky was fine too!
I'm alive and well and I feel GOOOOOOOOOD!

The squirrels were acting very hungry, even though there were acorns all over the ground everywhere you looked.

This little girl is finding acorns and feeding them to the squirrels.

But the squirrels are lukewarm on acorns and still crazy for peanuts.

Is that a peanut?

I'll just end by saying how blessed I feel that the little creatures I've cared for were safe and sound and in good spirits. As I said, Spunky has never seemed better, Pinky never happier and Patches -- well even his patch looked healed. 

But all squirrels haven't been so lucky. Here's a report about hundreds of baby squirrels that were displaced by Hurricane Irene

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