Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Feng Shui Day

Today is my birthday!

"Good Beginning and Good Ending" is Chinese belief and reason for choosing a good day to have a wedding, opening shop, decorating, moving house or office etc.. to improve success, prosperity and avoid any pitfalls in future.

How can you choose a good day to have a birthday? You can't. You have no control over the Earth Forces that were present when you were propelled into this world. The best you can do is choose surroundings that will bring forth the kind of energy you seek. So what better way to celebrate my birthday than to play in the park with some little friends? And off I went!
Patches comes up for a birthday present.

Suddenly there's a cacophany of squirrel talk in the tree behind us and I see that the "offender" is the little guy that was just here a moment ago getting a peanut. Now he's sticking his neck out to sound an alarm (still holding the nut in his mouth by the way). What's it all about?

Sound the alarm!

I don't see a thing, but when I walk down the path a ways I encounter Riley the Cat enjoying a Feng Shui moment!  So that was it!
Riley the Cat always appears totally oblivious to the squirrels, which I find interesting in itself. But can Riley ever get them riled up! In this case he was quite a safe distance away. Go figure.

I'm Riley the Cat and I'm BIG

Then I go over and play with Pinky, who is having fun with me in a tree.  
I'm Pinky the Squirrel and I'm little

Hey! I'm down here now

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