Monday, April 9, 2012

Afternoon of a Squirrel

It's a beautiful spring day...

...when Creme Puff comes by with Bernie
Hello World
There are some cool birds around. Now if I were a cat...says Creme Puff

My Left Foot
It's good to see One Foot again, alive and well. He had to have his broken and infected left foot amputated a year ago. Today he's getting along fine and moves beautifully. If you didn't know you'd barely notice his disability.

Sema is also in the park today with her two beautiful cats, Emma and Darcy. Sema is the lady who saved Creme Puff's life after he was beaten up and thrown out of his nest last summer.

Sema and Emma (siamese)

Darcy (tonkinese) with Sema's friend

A squirrel gets into the act
Wanna take it down here?

uh-oh, guess it's time to go

Time for us to go too, Creme Puff
(CP gets wrapped in his travel "blankie")

A good time was had by all!

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