Thursday, April 12, 2012

Creme Puff: the Dark Side

Yes, sweet little Creme Puff does have a dark side. We learn that one day when Creme Puff  (CP for short) "runs away". It all starts when Bernie tries to pick him up.
Come on CP, it's time to go home.

The squirrel snarls, squeals and squirms
as he always does, but this time he bites Bernie!
Not enough to draw blood, but still a definite  bite.

CP runs off into the hedges where he hides out for a while.
I go off to feed Spunky and the gang, while Bernie keeps watch by the hedges. CP makes his egress when Bernie gets distracted talking to someone. By the time I return, expecting to find CP bundled up and Bernie ready to leave, I learn that Bernie hadn't seen the squirrel since he disappeared into the hedges!
A thorough check reveals no sign of the errant squirrel.
We fan out and search the surrounding area for several hours. It's another gorgeous spring day so it's not unpleasant to wander about, but eventually, with no sign of CP, and it does get tiring after a while. Looking for a squirrel that doesn't want to be found is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

As twilight gathers we've just about given up, but  Bernie wanted to do one more go-round of the building where CP disappeared, and I decide to accompany him on the last round. Then as we turn the corner, all of a sudden there he is! He's just sitting there by the edge of the playground, looking like a perfect angel.
Bernie tries to entice CP to get into his "blankie"
(an old rag full of holes that he's very attached to).

But CP heads for the playground.
A curious black squirrel watches from a nearby tree.

CP decides to hide under the slide.

While Bernie walks around to the entrance for humans,
Black Squirrel darts over to keep an eye on CP.

CP leads Bernie on a merry chase.

Black Squirrel tags along as an observer.

Bernie gets CP into corner, while Black Squirrel provides backup.

Alas, CP escapes.

Come on CP, here's your blankie!
Black Squirrel covers the exit.

Catch me if you can, Dad!

Maybe a peanut would help? Black Squirrel concurs.

Approaching the peanut.

This time CP really is cornered

Victory, at last!

You're not getting away this time, you little devil!

Into your blankie you go

Thanks for your help, Black Squirrel!

Black Squirrel enjoys his reward.
And CP goes home.

We decide that CP was acting up because it was such a fine day and he had been in total squirrel bliss as he romped about. 

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