Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Creme Puff's Big Day

On a warm January afternoon, Creme Puff has a second outing at PCV. Once again he returns to "the scene of the crime", not far from the tree he fell out of,  or was pushed from, as a baby. For the full story on that, read about his first visit to PCV:

This time there's no harness, and the plan is to let him spend a few hours of the afternoon outside in the park. The idea is to determine Creme Puff's suitability for release. 
 Click on a picture to enlarge it
Welcome to PCV
the carrier with CP is hanging on a tree
peeking out

wow. smells interesting.

I'm a bit nervous...

my peanut pacifier helps calm me down

OK OK! I'm coming out!

lending a  helping hand 

steppin' out

almost there...

on the ground!

now what?
off and running!

first order of business: give this nut a proper burial

Can I help you, little fella? You look kinda lost.

Sema comes by to say hi.
Sema is the kind lady who rescued me when I fell from my nest.
She saved my life.

this contraption just fascinates me 

 on the ball court with Dad

We have the place pretty much  to ourselves

smelling the tarmac

meeting new squirrels (no biggie)
dreams of glory

everything's under control!

going around and around and around and around

 Time to move on! You must be dizzy by now?
trying to get me back into the carrier

...is no easy task

I'd rather sit under here.

Come on, pretty please? We really should be going now.

Last call, before...

the boys arrive!
OK I'm convinced - let's scram

leaving the ball court- finally
on the lawn amongst the pigeons

this soft moss is great for digging - can't do this at home
and there are some good hiding places around here
Shortly thereafter, a soft plopping sound is heard as CP suddenly falls to the ground, exhausted. He's scooped up and returned to his carrier, where he settles in for a nap.

You guys enjoy your pizza. I'll just rest in here for a while.  

It was fun at PCV. Maybe next time I'll climb a tree!


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