Sunday, May 19, 2013

The babies are down!

Today for the first time I saw Gray Momma's babies coming down from the tree! It was a rainy afternoon with not many people around so maybe it was a good time for them to  go exploring.

They were surprisingly calm for baby squirrels. and did not jump out of their skin when I threw a nut in their direction, which is the usual baby behavior. I think they've been watching me feed the other squirrels from afar for so long now that they know it's not enemy fire. Maybe they've seen their own mother climbing up my leg! Of course as Gray Momma's babies, they are well-educated and well-behaved little squirrels. They seemed quite eager to find something to eat at the base of their tree. They liked the Trader Joe's dried coconut slices.

They did not venture away from the base quickly ran back up the tree if they were startled by a loud noise or a dog walking by. But this was a good beginning. It turns out that there are three gray babies, no black ones as I had previously thought.

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