Saturday, May 18, 2013

Squirrels of Peter Cooper Village

Renowned photographer and squirrel afficionado Gary Rabenko came to Peter Cooper Village with his camera and took these wonderful photos.

In the photographer's own words:

This one illustrates the problem Gray Momma has: the cautious
and ever stressed squirrel, frantic and possessive.

Next is a strong perspective:  reaching for the stars, or in this case,
sniffing the stones for the nut just out of reach, which we see will soon
be easily grasped.

Curiosity is a wonderful thing: here is a brave squirrel seeking the source.

Pensive and in mid moment: we can feel her thinking, and can put
ourselves in her place...  is it a right or left turn we are not sure, but it's
so close we can just tell.

Leads into... follow the wind, or the whiff in this case...  you can see the whiskers and the eye liner, even the texture of the ears, that I like to stroke when permitted.

     The alter ego illustrated in this one: the gray and the more colorful squirrel.
     Different strokes for...
 Next we have girl in the garden. As pretty as she is, she blends right in.
 The wall does not keep us apart... she is still very approachable.
                         This one's arms are very relaxed, and equal. At an unusual angle as well.
                         Very proud, but with bended knees. The light plays gently on her form and
                         you can feel her subtle texture and color

They all speak to me, in one way or another, but even those who are not
so well-versed in squirrel speech will feel like this last one is ready to
communicate. Don't get her too upset though!

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