Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I never thought I'd ever see a purple squirrel

...up close and personal, that is.

I've actually been seeing purple squirrels at PCV for a while now. There's a family of black squirrels that have a definite  purplish hue. These squirrels have been around for multiple generations, and I've enjoyed watching them, but they're particularly shy and skittish, so it's never been easy to get good pictures. Nevertheless, I managed to get a few nice shots before this one scampered away:




But I really lucked out yesterday when I had the pleasure of meeting one of those  responsible for keeping the purple line going:


Perhaps she let down her guard because she was soon to give birth and was hungry, but she seemed very relaxed for a purple squirrel. She came right up on the bench, sat down next to me and made herself comfortable. What a surprise!


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  1. There are A LOT of black/purple squirrels in Yonkers! I've never seen them anywhere else ツ