Thursday, May 9, 2013

Spunky the Milk Truck

I think Spunky just had her babies. Amazingly,  her formerly black fur has changed to a beautiful auburn color with this pregnancy. It's fascinating to watch squirrels change colors. They are constantly going through changes. It's almost like a fashion competition among the PCV brown squirrels: who has the latest look? As usual, she comes up on the bench,  sits next to me and delicately dips into the bag of nuts. She is extremely hungry, which  I guess is because she's feeding babies. If it weren't for her big appetite I'd think she was still carrying babies, because she's such a round ball. But I'm told this can be due to the fact that she's carrying lots of milk!

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It's me, Spunky!

I smell peanuts


anything for me?

goin' in!

ah, an almond is an excellent nut.

a round ball


 a beautiful tail

thank you, my friend!

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