Thursday, May 30, 2013

That Squirrel

I just can't get enough of that squirrel! Hope the gentle reader feels the same way :)

Today I saw some squirrels enjoying a picnic with some humans, so I moved in closer for a better look...
how cute

Suddenly one of the squirrels broke away and came barreling toward me.

I can't deny I was flattered. And who says squirrels don't have good eyesight? Agreed, they frequently do not see the peanut on the ground in front of them, but I can attest to the fact that they always see me from afar. It's a bit of a mystery, but all I know is that when the Good Humor Cart arrives, the squirrels come running!
Surprise! My enthusiastic greeter turned out to be Gray Momma.

Gray Momma and I have been friends since that day she talked to me. It was after she'd had her babies, and she was apparently so hungry that she talked up a storm.

She talked for several days in a row after that, but hasn't talked since, although she now has other ways to show the love. For example, she climbs up my leg when she first sees me, and will stand by my cart, guarding it from other squirrels, the way she used to guard her babies' tree.
Watch Squirrel

GM no longer chases squirrels away from her tree
but can often be found at the base, stealing the baby food.

Momma's Babies

Gray Momma in the baby tree
above the entrance to their nest

The base of the tree is a popular hangout these days.
The babies are getting braver by the day. I guess hunger is what motivates them to forsake their safe haven for a brave new world.

Comin' down!

Look what I found...

And who are you?


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