Sunday, February 9, 2014

Dead of Winter

Not a lot to report these days. Yesterday a black squirrel fell from a tree and was found dead this morning. It may have broken its leg and been unable to climb back up, so it froze to death during the night.

Aside from that most of the squirrels are doing fine so far. A bunch died - no doubt the weakest among them - during the first onslaught of winter, but since then the rest have been hardy enough to make it through.

But we dread the month of February as being the worst of all months, because the squirrels are weakened by now and less able to withstand winter's rigors.

And February is hell for squirrels. We're  remembering last year's ice storm when many squirrels, already weakened by the long winter,  just needed some warm weather to regain their strength, and instead they got an ice storm. It was devastating,

But she's not there

So until we make it through the month of February we're holding our breath.

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