Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Why I love squirrels

Well we finally got the much-needed rain. And the not-needed wind along with it. I took a quick run over to PCV when the sun finally peeked through at 5pm. There I found lots of wet squirrels. And lots of leaves blown off the trees. It should be easier to spot Babygirl now when she's up a tree. Right now she's dry and toasty at home.

There were also many of those branches that make up the squirrels' dreys scattered all over the place. In fact while I was standing by the fountain I heard a huge plop! and saw that a large pile had dropped from a tree. It was such a heavy sound that I thought maybe there was a squirrel entangled in it, but careful inspection proved that it was only branchs from the drey.

Poor little squirrelies! They can't even keep their homes safe and sound with these strong winds we've been having. I wish I could do more to make their lives easier.

Thinking about this made me realize why I love squirrels. They work hard, yet they are constantly beset by Nature's vagaries. And they do nothing to deserve it. They've built some truly impressive nests so far this year, yet these can be blown away in one good storm.

Another thing that makes me love squirrels is that when I give one a nut,  before running away with it, the squirrel will often look up at me as if to say "thank you". Sweet or what?

And here's yet another reason why I love squirrels. See these pictures of Rama Rota and the baby bird? There is no thought in that little head of his of going after the bird, only curiosity. He knows it's not a Stuffie. Wonderful!

Squirrels are victims, not victimizers. Squirrels try to do the right thing, like building nests, burying nuts, caring for babies and fending off predators. Squirrels are polite. Squirrels are perfect. And that is why I love them so.

I fed the little black baby with the bum leg. The leg did not look worse today, and maybe even a little bit better. He still has a good appetite. But he has a hunched back and his leg sticks out.  

There will not be any more squirrel pictures because my camera has gone on the blink -- boohoo :(

If anyone can donate an old digital camera that works please contact me at thenuttyadmin@gmail.com

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