Saturday, September 25, 2010

Slow Release Day 6: Babygirl's Big Adventure

Bernie went over to PCV early this morning and spent about 3 hours searching for Babygirl, with no luck. Later in the day I decided to take a break and go look for her. I went to the same spot we'd seen her in last, but there was no sign of her.  However I did see the little black one with the swollen leg. His rear left leg is so swollen that it hangs off from his body. It's full of pus and needs to drain. We had seen him for the first time yesterday when we were concerning ourselves with Babygirl.

I called Bernie who decided to come over with his net to try and catch the little fellow. As I tried to distance myself while Bernie moved in on him, I thought I saw a glimpse of gold in the tree where we'd left Babygirl, but then figured  it was my imagination. Gold because her tail has been bleached, which helps identify her. When you see the usual silverly glint of a squirrel's tail from a distance you immediately know it's not her.

Bernie was unable to catch the little black one, and ended up chasing it into the bushes and up a tree. We knew that was it, and he would not be coming down again. Bernie hates scaring a sick squirrel when they're already suffering, and he was feeling
dejected about it when suddenly I shouted "There she is!" And then he saw it too -- the flash of gold shooting down the tree -- the very same tree we'd left her in the night before!

She moved like the wind, and gave him a run for his money, but finally allowed herself to be caught. Even though she was squirming and growling when he grabbed her, she didn't struggle all that much, and didn't seem to mind at all when he kissed her. :) He took her all the way home in a cab in his bare hands, as he had not  expected to find her and had not brought the carrier.

He said she acted perfectly normal when she got home, and was playing with him on the bed, not sulking or pouting. Her little friend Julie was excited to have her back!  She was not hungry but she went straight to the water bowl. We've been worried that the squirrels aren't able to find enough water. We've had several hot days in a row with no rain.

Anyway, I'm glad that Bernie's trip was not wasted. And that Babygirl is home again. Now we have to look out for the little black one.  Speaking of little black ones, Bernie said that as he came across the park he saw a very small black baby over by the flag pole. My guess is it's the first sighting of one of Spunky's babies!

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