Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Tale of Two Spunkys

For those who have been following Spunky's story here
and here

Here's the latest. Spunky now has a doppelgänger who has set up housekeeping in the tree next to hers. Just as Spunky has commandeered her tree, and won't let other squirrels near it, this squirrel appears to have done the same with the tree next door. This squirrel resembles Spunky right down to the hair loss and patches on her back, which is why it confused us in the beginning, before we realized that we were dealing with two squirrels. We'd be thinking we were feeding Spunky when we were actually feeding the other one! Do they both have nests of babies in their respective trees?
A rare picture of the two squirrels together.They keep their distance and avoid tangling with each other. 
both have the same cute little faces that look up at you quizzically

will the real spunky please stand up?

the bench test: getting treats on the bench 

hey, you know it's gotta be me when I do this bench  trick

I'm the real thing, baby!

I'm real too... honest!

I know, it's a tough call

look at me, I'm cute too :)

And my markings are nothing to sneeze at 

Nor are mine...

and I passed the bench test

So what?

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