Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First Day of Spring!

The  weather is beautiful. This must be the mildest March in memory. The sun is warm and there's just enough chill in  the air so it doesn't feel hot, which eases the transition out of winter. The days are so much longer now, with the sun setting at 7pm.

Everybody is out celebrating the Spring Equinox

The squirrels are equally excited. There's something in the air. Could it be the smell of Spring? Or the smell of peanuts? Maybe a little of both :)
count the squirrels
need a peanut!

Everybody who is anybody is out there today
Bernie Goetz with his pet squirrel Creme Puff

Riley the Cat
sniff...sniff...I smell squirrel

Creme Puff wants to dismount and have some fun.
wheeee! I'm freeeee!
digging such sweet treasure
what a beautiful day!

Cherry tree nests - engineering marvels with scenic views
How do I love Spring? Let me count the nests. The blossoms hide many nests. Each picture is of a different nest. I actually believe they may be bird nests, not squirrel nests. Did I see any occupants? No. They may have decided to desert the nests due to all the activity going on around them.

A Good Time Was Had By All

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