Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Voulez-Vous Mangez Avec Moi?

Today we'll be talking mostly about eating. and what could be more germaine really, when it comes to squirrels?  In my observations of squirrels over the years, I've seen a small amount of sex, an even smaller amount of violence, but a whole lotta eatin' goin' on!

It's a lovely day for a picnic. These picnickers choose a spot near the Orange Tree.
by the orange tree
this little fella joins in from a discrete distance.

Spring Greens
Spring greens are terribly tasty
Crazy Car
Over by Spunky's tree, the boys were having fun chasing the girls - and the squirrels - with one of those remote-controlled electric cars.

what's that strange whirring sound? it's always something!
squealing girls
and skittering squirrels

My ear is better!

There's just a tiny white spot there now.
Thank you for all your help.

I mean it.

I'm Spunky and I'm doing fine too.

A man came by who lives in the building next to Spunky's tree, and he told us that he'd rescued a baby squirrel that had fallen from its tree and was being tossed up in the air by a dog! The man caught the squirrel and put it in a shoebox, and kept it at home for two days. Then he brought it back out and put the shoebox on the ground, and the mother squirrel came over and took the baby out of the shoebox and carried it back up the tree!

Of course he didn't know Spunky or Spanky, but he said that the mother was a black squirrel, so it could have been either one of them. I saw one of Spunky's babies peeking out of the hole in their tree the other day, obviously curious, but not quite ready to come down yet. Can hardly wait!

Pièce de résistance
By Spunky's tree we meet the nicest Frenchman, who speaks no English, but certainly speaks squirrel!

Bonjour. Bon aprés midi.

Mon Dieu! Que vous êtes très mignon.

ici, ici mon ami

Hé !

S'il vous plait assez? 

n'ayez pas peur, petit ami 

mais non, c'est bon!

kuk, kuk, kuk

J'aime beaucoup des écureuils noirs -- Je te promets!

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