Thursday, February 7, 2013

Iceland Saga: Before Nemo

Nemo is coming tomorrow but today things are fine. 

Corn's on the Menu
I go over to feed the squirrels before Nemo. Bernie brings more corn.
Red Mama gets introduced to corn.

what's this?

 Oooh, she likes it...

Alphie comes by to say "hi" (and to pick up a peanut). He's looking great, as always.

Brunch with Spunky
Spunky and I have a rare meeting on the bench, just like the old days.

Spunky has been doing very well. She had a six-day antibiotic injecion about 2 years ago and has been invulnerable to the sickness ever since.

Gray Mama
My first meet-up with a sick gray squirrel who I soon  become very attached to. She may be pregnant, or she may be just fat, but I call her Mama because she looks like one. She has the sickness but will be out here every single day that I come, which is probably why she survives for so long.

Black Beauty
This little beauty in Spunky's area is probably one of hers.

he has the sickness too, in his bad paw
 which doesn't look too bad at this point.

Squirrel Tree
Squirrels having fun!

How many can you count?

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