Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hawk Sighting in PCV

Hawk gawking and a whole lot of squawking going on

It was a beautiful October Sunday today. The weather couldn't be nicer - sunny and cool - a great day for taking babies out for a walk. So Bernie Goetz decided to bring his new little black squirrel over to Peter Cooper Village. It was the baby squirrel's first outing and he stayed snuggled under Bernie's jacket for most of the time, but he was very calm.

Suddenly Bernie heard some squawking going on near the children's playground and thought it was some crows but could not see them. Five minutes later he saw what he thought was a sparrow hawk harassing a hawk. Then several minutes after that he saw the sparrow hawk come and sit right next to the hawk on the roof of  a building. Suddenly they took off -- together! It was than that he realized that they were both hawks -- a parent hawk was showing a baby hawk the ropes! He said it was amazing to watch them.

Baby hawk in Washington Heights

Baby hawks do look kind of like sparrows, don't they?

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