Friday, October 5, 2012

Bernie's Nursery

A peek inside the squirrel nursery reveals the latest arrivals: two adorable baby squirrels who have both lost their mothers. (click to enlarge)

The gray squirrel above, which just came in yesterday, had jumped onto a man who was out walking his dog in Queens at 2am in the morning.  This was unusual for a number of reasons. First, it's  rare for any squirrel to be outside after dark. Second, this was a giant male human she was jumping on!. Third, he had a dog with him! Imagine how panicked she must have felt! But this smart little squirrel kept her wits about her and was able to overcome fear and confusion to take a risk to save herself. And things turned out well for her, with a very happy ending. She's safe and secure now, in good hands with Bernie Goetz. She is a sweet-tempered and amazing squirrel, says Bernie.

I like being a bed rat

This little black squirrel was quite sick with an infection when he was found outside in a raging storm about two weeks ago. He's doing much better now after a course of antibiotics, good nutrition and plenty of TLC.

I'm hungry now.

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